Pre-Trip Vehicle Maintenance

Keeping your vehicle in good condition will ensure that you can stay safe on your summer road trip. Not only that, but a vehicle that is serviced properly will have improved gas mileage and help to decrease additional travel expenses. We want you to have fun on your road trip, so here are some essential maintenance tasks you need to get done before you hit the road.

You should invest in a tuneup to ensure that all the essentials are taken care of. You can get the battery, lights, and various fluids checked so that you don't have to…

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Planning for Some Roadtrip Games with the Kids this Vacation

As you are gearing up for that long road-trip to your vacation destination, don't forget that the kids are going to get bored rather quickly. When they are done with their mobile devices and watching videos, here are a few games everyone in the car can enjoy.

The License Plate game is a great way to get the whole family involved. Determine a prize in advance, like choosing the next place to eat, and then the goal is spotting vehicles on the road with different license plates. Whoever has the most unique plates wins the prize. 

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How to Increase Safety When Driving in the Rain

Although summer brings an abundance of sunshine, it also brings increased rain. To fully prepare your vehicle for rainy weather, be sure that your windshield wipers are in good condition and you have enough tire pressure to handle wet conditions. In addition, you can also practice these tips to increase safety while you are driving in the rain.

You should avoid cruise control when it is raining. Cruise control is great for dry terrain, but it can result in loss of control if it is used on wet terrain. In addition, slowing your speed can also keep you safe during…

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The Effect of Heat and Cold on Car Batteries

People have been having trouble with their car batteries since we started driving cars. Initial early cars had primitive, low wattage batteries that were very finicky and temperamental. Modern car batteries are much more advanced and easy to deal with. They are not perfect by any means, however. They are still liable to break down in cold and hot weather.

A battery is essentially an enclosed chemical reaction. That reaction performs admirably when your vehicle is at normal temperatures. However, when things get too hot or too cold, the weather can have a dramatic effect on the operation...

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Our Online Service Scheduling Tool is Made Simple for Your Needs

Booking your next appointment with our mechanics at Davis Genesis for servicing just got that much easier. All you need to do is access the online scheduling app, and you select what time works best for you as far as bringing the car in for its checkups.

You might be home after a busy day when you realize that you forgot to call and make an appointment at our service center for your oil change. No worries, simply make use of the online scheduling app, and you choose what time works best for you. The online scheduling app allows you…

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Be Sure to Move Over and Reduce Fatalities

Every state in the county follows the Move Over Laws, which have been put in place in order to reduce the number of fatalities that occur on local roads and highways each year. According to the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition, more than 200 highway workers lose their lives every year, as well as countless others who are at risk on any given day. If more people knew and obeyed these important driving laws, then it’s easy to say that more lives could be saved each year.

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Front-Wheel and Rear-Wheel Drive Compared

As you shop for your next car, read this blog to improve your automotive knowledge and help you make a better car-buying decision. Today's post compares front-wheel and rear-wheel drive.

Front-wheel and rear-wheel drive are the most prominent types of drive systems. Each system's name describes what it does. If you drive a front-wheel drive car, its engine's horsepower reaches the pavement through the car's front wheels. In a rear-wheel drive car, horsepower travels through the rear wheels. The front-wheel-drive requires fewer parts to build, so it carries less weight and a lower...

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Warranties - Bumper-to-Bumper or Powertrain?

Choosing a warranty for your car can be an important decision, especially when you consider the high cost of automotive repairs. It’s important you understand what you’re getting before you make your purchase. Stop at Davis Genesis and let our salespeople explain all the ins and outs of warranties for you.

Powertrain and bumper-to-bumper warranties are both good warranties. Bumper-to-bumper are generally more expensive and don’t last as long as powertrain warranties. Here’s the difference.

When you purchase a warranty, we want to know you’re making an informed decision...

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What is Brake Fluid?

Just like many other areas of your vehicle, the brakes have a lot of moving parts. Brake fluid helps lubricate those parts and prevent excessive wear while also helping apply pressure that slows your vehicle. Over time, brake fluid can become contaminated by moisture, dirt and other contaminants, when that occurs brake performance becomes compromised and it's time for a brake fluid exchange in Ewing, NJ.

Signs that your vehicle needs a brake fluid replacement include:

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